Are you innovative?

Do you satisfy your cravings in a creative  or innovative manner? Or do you settle for the same ol’ humdrum (yes, I said “humdrum”) or “not so good for you” habits, snacks and routines?  Believe me, I understand the comfort zone; however, I thrive on exploring & creating.  Do you crave adventure or routine? Are you even aware of what you crave?  It is possible to experience both adventure and routine.  It’s a matter of how we pursue them.  There are 2 types of people: Pilots and passengers. Which one are you?  I believe we can be a pilot on one excursion and a passenger on the next. I am a pilot in creating healthy alternative recipes, work out routines & thought process.  I am a passenger in learning the business of food, nutrition & social media. I satisfy my cravings through creativity and get a jolt when I alter a comfort snack into a healthy tasty one. Which areas have you succeeded in innovation?  Have you ever thought about this concept?  Please share with fellow readers.

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