A Morselicious Holiday Tip Jar

Happy Morselicious Monday!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all Hurricane Sandy survivors and victims. For those who want to donate to the relief, here is a link to the Red Cross. Tomorrow is Election Day. Please make your voice heard and VOTE! My parents taught me that “if you don’t vote, you have NO right to complain” and don’t you want that right? 🙂 My ONLY political plea is for Californian’s to please review & watch this video Prop 37 and if you would be so MORSELICIOUS to join me in voting YES on PROP 37. Again, I believe we should have the right to KNOW what is in our food.  That’s my soap box for today. :)I know I’m getting old because I can’t stop wrapping my head around the fact that it’s November! Although, in my defense, it’s been unseasonably hot in Southern California so it hardly feels like Autumn. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining anymore with the recent wrath of Hurricane Sandy and am sending thoughts and prayers to everyone on the East Coast.

For those of us who were fortunate to celebrate Halloween, who has a Halloween hangover? While I had a serious craving for a Baby Ruth candy bar,
(No idea why that particular candy since I haven’t eaten a Baby Ruth since junior high school and if you ask how long ago that was, the only hint I’ll share is, back then ‘I wish that I was Jesse’s Girl’). Name that tune and you’ll get the correct era.
O.K. back to my craving cure, I created my own version of a healthy Halloween treat: organic-unsalted-unsweetened peanut butter (not easy to find these days, thanks to the recent salmonella outbreak), dark chocolate chunks, flax meal, a spoonful of vegan protein powder and water…Morseliciously tasted like cookie dough! So, I made another to ward off the ghoulish goblins!

But I digress. Today, the first day of November and official start of the holiday season doesn’t have to bring unnecessary toxic sugar overload. As a solution, I’ve created a Morselicious Holiday Tip Jar. Yup, a real jar full o’ Morselicious (a.k.a. healthier options) tips.


What you will need:
A small mason jar or a recycled clean nut butter jar with a lid. (I used the peanut butter jar from last nights Morselicious Halloween Treat)
Strips of paper. Be creative with colors shapes, sizes.
A pen or colored pencils.
Your imagination.

Write down 30 tips or quotes for each day of the month.
Have fun!
Here are 30 of my tips to give you a jump start, but I strongly suggest making this a new holiday tradition of your own and maybe even make it a family affair.
Once you’ve written 30 tips, place in your jar, screw the lid shut and shake.
Pick your first tip and do it!
Every morning, pick a new one.
It’s up to you whether or not you want to recycle your used tips into another jar for another month or another family member, friend or throw it back in the mix?
Note: this could make a great gift!

Mo’s 30 tips :

  • 1.Give thanks
  • 2.Detox the sugar out of your diet
  • 3.Add spices to your food and home
  • 4. Chew your food
  • 5. Eat at the table
  • 6. Add veggies to every meal’
  • 7. Donate your time, money, clothes, food…
  • 8. Perform a random act of health
  • 9. Define health
  • 10. Clear the clutter (a.k.a. crap) in EVERYTHING, including your food
  • 11. Create a crunch craving cure
  • 12. Create a holiday center piece
  • 13. Stick cloves in an orange and use as potpourri
  • 14. Drink a glass of water with lemon, lime slices: hot or cold
  • 15. Make a list of wants vs. needs and KNOW the difference (including food)
  • 16. Take a walk, breathe in the Autumn air
  • 17. Morselfy (healthify) a snack stash for your home and/or office
  • 18. Be prepared! Plan ahead: meals, snacks, holiday events’
  • 19. Make your lunch
  • 20. Create a festive table
  • 21. Morselify your favorite holiday dish
  • 22. Chew your food
  • 23. Put your fork down between each bite of food
  • 24. Try using chopsticks
  • 25. Create a candy craving cure
  • 26. Decorate with pumpkins, seasonal gourds and roast later
  • 27. Pick a color: plant it, eat it, wear it, paint it
  • 28. Create a playlist of your favorite holiday songs and play as your holiday soundtrack for your new festive traditions
  • 29. Share an experience with a friend: a movie, a play, lunch, home spa
  • 30. Celebrate…anything. Just celebrate!

Please share some of your favorite holiday traditions/tips  and
Have a MORSELICIOUS November!

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