Work-it-out-Wednesday: Eat a RAINBOW

Happy Work-it-out-Wednesday and EAT a RAINBOW day!

Two weeks ago, yours truly, Mo, the Morselist, was asked to teach

a nutrition workshop to a high school class. Enthusiastically, I accepted.

How could I teach a fun workshop to a cheetos-coca- cola-consuming class? I brought a colorful basket of produce with eating a rainbow as my theme.  The class LOVED it and immediately participated in the discussion. Though, I teased them that while orange was a color in the rainbow, orange cheetos did NOT count as a rainbow food. They tasted all the foods I brought after they identified what they were and where they came from, ie. a tree, a bush, a vine, the ground…some of them got competitive. I asked them to make a summer project out of eating a rainbow every day and to encourage their families to do it with them. One student said he would do it, but that he would STILL eat cheetos. I said, “O.K., but eat a carrot with it!”  It was MORSELICIOUSLY fun! Five days later, as serendipity came into play, I “met” Kia, the founder of an amazing organization in Canada, Today I ate a rainbow. I HAD to interview her for my blog and share ideas, stories, tips. She is an INSPIRATION!!!

Kia and her husband, Jamie created the Today I Ate A Rainbow chart as a way to keep track of the produce that their daughter , Hannah, was eating while at the same time encouraging her to take responsibility for her food choices. This chart was so effective that they decided to make it available to other parents! Their goal is to help parents create an environment where kids will reach for an apple instead of junk food! Despite the information that is available on the importance of kids eating a minimum of five servings a day, studies from around the world have shown that kids aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables.

We think it’s time that parents have tools to that turn knowledge into action! Parents play the most important role when it comes to raising healthy kids which is why the Today I Ate A Rainbow products encourage children and their parents to work together to set healthy eating habits! The Robertsons’ formed a company called Rainbow Innovations Group and are already working on their expanded product line to encourage healthy eating for the whole family!

Please visit

and let me know if you’re interested in having Mo, the Morselist teach workshops in your organizations.

And, stay tuned for our upcoming GIVEAWAY recipe-challenges with some AWESOME nut-butter companies… 

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8 thoughts on “Work-it-out-Wednesday: Eat a RAINBOW”

  1. Reece Holland

    Great post! I don’t think you could start early enough teaching children healthier ways to eat. One of the women in my office has an 8-month-old child. She and her husband have been buying and growing their own organic vegetables and have been making their own baby food. I wish more parents thought that way. I actually don’t think her child has ever had processed sugar (only natural sugars from fruits). It’s pretty inspiring.

    I remember as a child, if something was wrong what did my parents do . . . gave me a cookie. If I was upset or crying . . . they gave me a cookie or some ice cream. Fresh fruits or vegetables weren’t in the picture at all, only horrible soggy canned stuff. Uck.

    Anyway, hopefully Mo was able to inspire some of the kids! Eating a rainbow sounds like it could be fun!

  2. Reece Holland

    Okay – 2 posts in one day . . . but I was inspired. I went home for lunch today and wondered how easy it would be for me to “eat a rainbow,” so I made a salad with:
    Green: Spinach and leaf lettuce
    Purple: purple leaf lettuce
    Red: tomatoes and red onions
    Orange: carrots
    yellow: lemon zest
    white: scallions
    and topped it with a quick vinaigrette made with dijon mustard, lemon juice, white vinegar and olive oil.

    Now I just need Toto (and a twister).

  3. What a great idea! I wish you could do the same for SFHS sometime–Ms. Trippet’s health classes??? A school-wide assembly would be more effective!

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