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               Fat Tuesday Confession              

Now, for today:

Amy Hendel, the Health Gal, shares her past, her path,

healthy tips and small steps we can ALL take to live
a healthier life!

Q.  You have so many amazing qualifications. How would you best describe what you do?

A.  I trained as a Physician Assistant and my area of specialty was “dependency medicine” which included general medical health issues as they relate to substance abuse.  That led me to “food substance abuse” and specializing in health and lifestyle coaching – trying to intercept obesity or treat it and other related issues once they entrenched.

Q.  Have you always worked in the Health and Wellness Profession? What inspired you to become a Health Coach/PA?

A.  I was actually going to go to medical school, after having volunteered as a candy striper in hospitals during my teen summers, but my dad heard about the PA program and I decided it was (a) more affordable (b) would allow me to practice medicine, albeit with someone i.e. a doctor casually looking over my shoulder.  Seemed the best of both worlds.

Q.  Describe a typical day in the life of The Health Gal.  Is there such a thing

A.  Nope there is no “typical day” but it goes something like this.  I get up early and exercise – either one hr of cardio or an hr of cardio and half hour of weights.  I gather up all my breaking news headlines, newsletters and “tweet health headlines.” I log in some blogs on the compelling “nutrition, obesity or other weight related stories” and then it depends on the contracts I’m on.  There may be meetings, script writing, filming, research – just depends.  Afternoon walk to “clear the cobwebs” and skype with clients to put them through an hour of training or a nutrition consult.  Dinner and some more writing.  Hopefully bed by 11:30pm.  I love what I do – the day whizzes by.  On some days live TV or radio interviews can throw my schedule into a tizzy – you just “have to go with it.”  Attend webinars, conferences and present as they come up. Ditto with guest speaking and spokesperson work.

Q.  I’ve read excerpts from you book, The 4 Habits of Healthy Families, available at It’s wonderful and you provide simple/real steps speaking to everyday people, a real talent.Has this been an area you’ve always been interested in exploring?

A. I was an obese kid and teen and lost the weight with Weight Watchers back in the day when it was the only sensible diet plan with a support system.  The idea was to piss my mom off (pardon the French) because she was obese and I knew if I could control my weight it would be a huge statement about her own demons.  Once I succeeded and realized how my self esteem and quality of life changed, I began to feel like it was my “health mission” especially in terms of preventing it.  Because once you lose the weight – you are in remission, you are NEVER cured.  So clearly I wanted to keep my own kids from struggling with weight.  Hence the “family approach to healthy eating and healthy weight.”  It’s got to be a family action plan, even if one member has clear weight issues.

Q.  Are there any quick tips you can share with my readers from your wonderful book?

A – I have a great “food recognition” program in the book called “Yes, No, Maybe so” based on traffic light signals.  Yes foods (green light) are fruits and veggies – eat them abundantly, lots of servings daily.

No foods(red light) are treats and sweets and processed foods – enjoy them in controlled portions and position them as occasional indulgences.

Maybe so foods are proteins, fats, grain carbohydrates and dairy. 

Choose the superstars from each of these food groups and use portion control

and “how frequently should I eat them” attitude.

Each person needs “x” number of portions of these 4 food group foods daily and the book helps you decide,

based on your goals..

Q.  If you could cite ONE step every single one of my readers start today-

ONE SMALL step towards creating a healthy habit, what would that be?

A.  DO NOT BLOW OFF EXERCISE.  G-d gave each of us, no he “loaned” each of us one body

– we do not get to trade it in for a new model, like a car.

Find exercise modalities you love and commit to them.

Mix it up, change it up – but MOVE that body

and I mean move it so that your heart rate goes up and you sustain it and get more fit –

almost every day of the week.  Start small, commit and just do it!!

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