Fat Tuesday Confession

During high school & college, every Fat Tuesday, my sister, friends and I would celebrate Fat Tuesday by baking, cooking & shopping for our favorite BINGE foods. Committing one of the seven deadly sins: Pure Gluttony before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, was this Catholic School Girls favorite ritual. Ahh..the joys of pigging out. We had Pig Out Parties and  I’ll admit, I was the leader & host of almost all of them.  We brought favorite binge food & set on a platter, sometimes documenting by taking photos of our bountiful feast & gorge til, to quote Monty Python, “F. off. Can’t eat another bite.”  We shared our Lenten Vows- giving up sweets, 40 days & 40 nights of NO sweets. Some of us less “hard core” chose the NO chocolate route. PURE TORTURE!  The next morning, Ash Wednesday, a day of Fasting, we all awoke with Food Hang-overs. Sick from the sugar rush & carb overload. None of us wanted to eat, so fasting was not difficult.  The remaining 40 days & 4o nights bonded us in pure commiseration. We would create concoctions to get around the “No sweet” vow. Peanut Butter & Rice Cakes. Yoplait yogurt with raisins. Apples & Peanut Butter. Most are too disgusting and embarrassing to write, but I’ll share one:Saltine Crackers mushed with milk, peanut butter & raisins.  GROSS! To add salt to our wounds, our school had its Annual World’s Finest Chocolate Candy Bar Sale during Lent. Talk about Temptation!  St. Patrick’s Day was usually exempt from our 40 day punishment, since it would be sinful not to celebrate an Irish Catholic Saint. Wink. Wink.  Every midnight before Easter Sunday, we would call each other and ask, “are you going into the freezer to get your Chocolate Easter Bunnies?” Most of us did…at MIDNIGHT!  How nuts is that? We would still have the sugar hang over/chocolate mustache at Easter Sunday Mass the next morning.  Why am I writing this?  To prove an ex-sugar-pigger outer addict can be saved.  Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and this year, I plan to do more volunteer work & give more to charity for Lent.  No more of this crazy suffering & self sabotage. I mean, who was it benefitting?  Besides it’s the little things in life that make me happy and having a little chocolate or a few morsels every night makes me a happier and better person, thus able, to spread more good in the world. P.S. I forgot to mention my classmates named me “most likely to be late for my opening night because I just had to eat the box of oreos, the jar of peanut butter & the bag of  m&m’s…”

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  1. Ok Maurie—I know I was part of the sabotage!!! I remember stuffing ourselves silly with “bin food”-yogurt maltballs, etc. and then heading for the health club to “work it off”. It’s amazing we werent all sick!!! Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

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