Dr. Oz Health Corps gala & cashew cream recipe

Happy WORK-it-out-Wednesday!   What are YOU working out?  
You all had some wonderful ideas to share, but Amy’s were above and beyond INCREDIBLE!
Thank you, all and CONGRATS, Amy. She has already received her 12 days of MORSELICIOUSness e-cookbook and her MORSELICIOUS Mix shipped today!
This past weekend was a MORSELICIOUS SWIRL!  First our Mac-n-Mo’s demo at my hometown
Sacramento Coop then dad (Mac) and Mo attended Dr. Oz’s non-profit, Health Corps Gala at
the Memorial Auditorium in mid-town Sac, where I spent lots of my childhood including,
the circus, the Ice Capades, where I got Dorthy Hamill’s autograph and haircut,
Rick Springfield’s concert, whom you might recall was Mac-n-Mo’s FIRST customer
at P.C. Greens in Malibu.  Swoon!
Mac-n-Mo had a “merry ole’ time in Oz” and such an amazing cause. I was on the host committee and hope to do more with this incredible group.
Many have asked for my cashew cream recipe again.
Ask and you shall receive!
ENJOY and feel free to share some of YOUR versions!!!
Cashew cream is such a versatile VEGAN (NO cholesterol) alternative to cream, cheese, butter and SOOO easy!
* Cashew Cream
(it’s SO easy & NO cholesterol)
2 cups of Raw Cashews
1 cup of water
cover cashews in water in bowl
Soak in refrgerator overnight
Drain some of the water in the morning
and blend well into a thick cream
I store mine in a tightly covered jar and use as a butter,
cheese, spread, icing, whipped “cream”…It will last in the fridge approximately one week.
for a sweeter vanilla frosting/icing:
add 1-2 tsp. vanilla and a pinch of stevia (Sweet Leaf)
1-2 tsp coconut extract, almond extract, maple extract, mint extract…the variations are ENDLESS & MORSELICIOUS!
for a spicier version with some kick:
add 1-2 tsp wasabi powder or pepper (black red or both)
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10 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Health Corps gala & cashew cream recipe”

  1. Reece Holland

    I want to know what Amy’s suggestion was! I also want to see pictures of Mo and Dr. Oz! (I seem so needy today. . .)

    1. Thanks, Reece!
      Amy posted twice. Here is her first: “best way to defeat diabetes is to get kids eating less grains and sugar and more fresh fruits and veggies. get kids into smoothies early – it’s amazing what you can hide in those things. eat more nuts – and of course mo’s morsels instead of sugary snacks. get sugar cereals off of supermarket shelves – don’t get me started…..my daughter ended up with low fat chocolate milk on fruit loops for lunch at school yesterday when the salad she ordered did not come in – how much do we love public schools???? not much this week!!!! UGH. and then when she wasn’t filled, they gave her macaroni salad – lots of veggies there, right???? NOT!!!!”
      pix with Dr. Oz is coming… 🙂

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