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Today, we’re meeting the awesome Karen Langston who beat Chron’s disease!
Q.  Please share how you got started in health & wellness.

Wow… It was an “AHA Moment.” I had had surgery for Crohn’s Disease, wearing diapers to work, hair falling out and miserable with every aspect of my life. I was skin and bones and not wanting to live and feeling guilty about not wanting to go on as I had a beautiful baby girl that I could not be a mother to. Two people who did not know each other recommended the same naturopathic doctor and I can tell you I did not believe in anything natural what so ever! I went because I figured she would do what everyone else did.…poke and prod and fill me up with drugs and send me on my way. I did not know that naturopathic doctors were holistic. Within 3 months I was in remission for the first time in 5 years. I was a believer.
I went into Holistic Nutrition and continued my own journey to health and wholeness while I learned at school. When I graduated I furthered my education with Live Cell Microscopy and had the wonderful opportunity to work with a naturopathic Doctor that had been bringing people who were suffering with cancer back to a state of wellness and wholeness for over 55 years. In the 2 years I was there I was a part of people’s lives that were given 3 months to live to thriving cancer free. It was such an honour. It truly made me a complete believer from having the opportunity to witness what our bodies are capable of if we provide the right support

Q.  You are a walking testament that one truly can cure diseases with food and prevention

Awww shucks; thank you. I can tell you that restoring myself to a state of health and wholeness did not happen overnight. It was a long journey.  The biggest factor in restoring my health had to do with my desire to have a better life. First it was replenishing my body with much needed minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and other nutrients. I had food sensitivity and allergy tests done and removed the foods that did not agree with my body. That was really hard to do because my mind set back then was “I can’t have this… I am not deserving of this…” It was not until I changed my mindset to “I only put good things in my body that shows I love myself” that I was ready to deal with the next phase; the emotions. I would have to say the emotional journey was probably the hardest.  I used a program developed by Dr. Walsh in Toronto called Somatic training; changed my whole life. This technique taught me how to let go of the filters I have been viewing the world from and to see what I really wanted to see. I then went to Florida to be properly trained in this technique; ironically the person I got my training from Lance Ware was also a client and then trained with Dr. Walsh and perfected the art to include relaxation techniques. This was all perfect for when I was in the process of healing from Crohn’s I then developed the beginning stages of cervical cancer. Instead of panicking and falling into the scare tactics of the medical profession I decided to heal myself with the techniques I had learned over the last 10 years with great success.

Q.  How does your approach differ from Western Medical Doctor Care?

The medical profession has such a funny outlook on disease. When you are diagnosed it is gravely important to start on medications right away and then you are told over and over that you have this disease for life, there is no cure and will have to be on drugs the rest of your life.  Basically you become your disease and are known for the disease you have. We need to take back our identity.

When I work with someone that has cancer or, weight issue or a disease, I ask them what has been going on in their life. You can tell a lot about a dysfunction by what is going on in a person’s life. When you have a disease, condition or illness and even cancer, it is your body’s way of telling (alerting) you that something is off kilter or out of balance and needs attention to fix. So I look at their lifestyle, home environment, work environment, their outlook on life, their childhood and childhood relationships, diet, the foods they crave, and their comfort foods. We do food sensitivity testing and nutrient testing and find out where they are lacking in nutrients.  Then together we work on bringing them back to wholeness and state of wellbeing. They do all of the work, my role is only to provide the tools, encouragement and coaching to get them there.

Each person I work with is unique; their physiology is unique therefore their plan to wholeness is also unique. Every single one of us has a natural physician inside of us, we just need to tune in and tune up.

Q.  What is your vision/mission for business plan?

My greatest vision is to own an island where I stroll out of bed and walk across the beach barefoot to my world renown healing centre where people from all over the world come to get realigned with their mind, body, spirit.

My current vision, passion is spreading the word about health and wellness in a fun and entertaining way with my internet show The Wellness beat which you can get a peek at where you can also sign up for my Healthy Bites weekly Ezine.

Of course I am extremely passionate about bringing awareness to Crohn’s and IBD to the world and will be speaking about that in a signature talk and the release of my mini book on flare ups. I have my life story on my healing journey; I just have to find the time to write it. I have been keeping a journal since the day I found out I was pregnant, and that is pretty much my manuscript. All in the right time space and sequence.
My business plan is simple, be honest and give information freely to build trust and to let people get to know you. If you come from the heart, be joyous, full of passion and do what you love the money just comes!

Karen Langston is an author, mentor, coach, speaker and host of a weekly entertaining internet health show “The Wellness Beat.” She is also a proud member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and an active director on the Board. In her role as an internationally recognized Holistic Nutritionist based in Arizona she consults with clients across Canada and the US on all health matters with a special focus on Crohn’s Disease and the mind/body connection. She received her education at the world-renowned Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada and Certified Nutritional Practitioners Council of Canada, recognized by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. Her credentials also include Early Childhood Education Certification, Applied Holistic Nutrition degree, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Live Cell Microscopist, Capillary Puncture Technician, Therapeutic Lifestyle Educator, Soma Therapies and Functional Medicine.

Karen Langston CNCP
Host of The Wellness Beat

Director of Wellness
Az Produce Markets

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  1. Happy Birthday, Doug!!! You share this day with one of my favorite people, my youngest grandson, who is 17 today. Anxiously awaiting the almond pear tart recipe!

    Mo, you are sooo amazing. Thank you for introducing all of us to Karen. She is another proof-carrot that I can dangle to the unbelievers. And, thank you, Karen, for sharing your journey and devoting your life to helping yourself and others.

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