Tax CRUNCH(y) radish chips

Crunching taxes-craving crunch? 

Here’s one dish for a MORSELICOUS munch! 🙂

How’s that for a lil’ tax break rap?

As you scramble to finish your dreaded taxes, instead of reaching for that super sized bag o’ greasy potato chips, why not try my MORSELICIOUS radish chips to crunch and munch as you crunch  those numbers?

And to celebrate your deadline, please accept my COUPON “TENMO” for 10% off your entire order of MORSELICIOUSness. I will also send you my 12 days of MORSELICIOUSness e-cookbook when you place your order before April 20th, as an added bonus: no minimum.  ENJOY and good luck crunching numbers and radishes! 🙂

Morselicious Radish Chips
Morselicious Radish Chips

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