Regrets? No way!

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done. “- Lucille Ball

This quote screamed loud and clear and from my favorite comedienne! How often do we talk ourselves out of trying something for fear of falling on our face? If I could count the times, I’d be an M.I.T. Grad instead of a Morsel Maker.
In recent years, I’ve decided more often than not to take the plunge. Forget testing the waters..just jump right in! Sure, I’ve been burned and chilled, but I’ve also experienced incredible adventures.
Mac-n-Mo’s is the most recent one. I talked myself out of starting the business every hour of every day for 2 full months and then decided the worst thing that could happen would be NOT trying and watching someone else do it! The competitive side in me took over and now, I write, as The Morselist.
Other things that come to mind include a shark dive. Yep. Diving with the sharks. I am terrified of sharks, but at the last minute a friend had to bail out of his scheduled dive and I was invited to go in his place.  I had just returned from a backpacking trip through Greece & Turkey and was in “Adventure Mode.”
“Sure, I’ll go!”  Not fully thinking that I would be in a cage in the middle of the ocean feeding chum to sharks!  It was both thrilling and alarming. Had I truly considered the details of the invitation and not suffered major jet lag, I probably would have said, “No way in hell!” But looking back, it proves Lucy’s quote, “I would rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t.”
Will I ever go on another shark dive? Doubt it!  Am I glad I tried it? Heck ya!
What things do you wish you had tried? Will you reconsider and do them now? Please share!

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