Monthly Virtual Customized Wellness Program for Couples, Step Two


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Product Description

Monthly Virtual Customized Wellness Program for Couples 

One-on-One coaching: 

  • 1 (one) weekly 50-minute phone call.
  • Daily* email support.
  • After completing the Create Your Wellness Story Session, we will work together with your customized wellness plan to achieve both of your goals. This is an immersive ongoing optimal lifestyle plan.


    • Accountability.
    • Healthy cooking/baking tips.
    • Custom-tailored recipes just for you.
    • Custom-tailored grocery store lists.
    • Custom-tailored healthy tips, ideas, inspirational activities and reference guides/handouts.
    • We will work on the essential ingredients in your Morselicious Life Pie, including your “primary foods;” the other areas of your life affecting your health that are NOT edible foods; relationships, physical, emotional, spiritual, career, and stress etc.
    • You both will be given homework assignments, mostly related to FUN & HEALTH, which will be created together.

Results to expect:

    • a cleaner, healthier, more vibrant lifestyle
    • more energy
    • clearer skin
    • creative ways to enjoy the free things in life
    • more confidence in the kitchen
    • easy tools to cook and prepare healthy meals at home for yourself and your family, meal prepping tips
    • kid-friendly meals and snacks
    • weight loss tips, if that is your goal
    • less bloat
    • less sicktime
    • tips for making better choices that support your goals and new lifestyle when travelling, eating on the go, and packing food for work.
  • Monthly payments of $400.00

*Emails to be consolidated into one email per day.

Contact [email protected] for mo’ information.



“Mo has changed my entire eating habits and improved my health tremendously. I’ve lost 19 pounds since listening to her suggestions as well as lowered my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. My doctor asked at my last check-up, “whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”

I told him I’m on THE MORSELIST DIET! I read labels, order NO added salt at restaurants, cut out gluten and eat brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal and loads more veggies. I’ve also cut way back on sugar. In fact, I never considered myself a “sugar” person, but was eating a blueberry bran muffin or whole wheat bagel every morning, not realizing how much sugar I was consuming. I look and feel better than when I was in my 30s. Thanks, Mo!” 

Doug J., Beverly Hills

“The best part of working with Mo is her non-stop belief in you and your potential. She has and continues to believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself which is more important than any of the other tips, tricks, recipes or recommendations that she has given me. I was quite skeptical about working with a Health coach as someone who has struggled with weight my entire life and tried every diet under the sun. Mo has helped me retrain my focus. It’s about health—weight loss is just a by-product. She is helping me become a better version of myself, and that is the ultimate gift.” 

Emily H., Michigan


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