Autumn Squasherole recipe

One, two, three…your favorite Autumn color?  GO!

OK, now,  your favorite Autumnal squash! (Don’t you LOVE saying that word, Autumnal?)

Chances are some of you chose  orange and possibly acorn squash.

Orange you glad I did?!  🙂   Speaking of orange, (I know, it’s a s-t-r-e-t-c-h) here’s my new 30 second intro video shot LIVE on my fancy FLIP camera while my clients were busy chopping and prepping some MORSELCIOUS recipes I taught them to make.

As October approaches these next 24 hours, enjoy my gift to you:

A Morselicious…

Morselicious Roasted Acorn Squasherole
Morselicious Roasted Acorn Squasherole

Have a MORSELICIOUS October!

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