Spring forward this Morselicious Monday: green recipe challenge-giveaway

Happy MORSELICIOUS Monday and Spring Forward!
Who’s enjoying the extra hour of sunshine?
Who’s still trying to catch up on the lost hour of sleep? 🙂 Who’s doing both? Leave a SMILE in our comment box, if that’s you!

Did you do anything special with your extra hour of sun or in certain parts of the world, I should say, “daylight?”  Yes, we are too spoiled in Southern California, though at times I CRAVE  rain. There, I said it. Mo, the Morselist craves rain in Spain, if it stays mainly on the plain. Name that show/song for 2 MORSELICIOUS points! 🙂

This past weekend was The Natural Foods EXPO WEST in Anaheim, CA

and Mac-n-Mo’s was featured at the NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED Booth!


Non GMO booth
Very exciting for us!  Did any Morselites attend? It’s the largest convention of Natural Foods and Products in the country and it’s incredible, albeit a tad overwhelming, but so inspiring and lots o’ tasty samples! (Though NOT all “healthy.”)

Yours truly met with some amazing people, including my friend, Amanda from

Mo & Mandy
Mo & Mandy

Taste for Life Magazine.


On another exciting note:  Mac-n-Mo’s has partnered up with Energybits in a
Green Recipe Challenge just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and we’d LOVE you to enter.Energybits March promo mac n mos

March_promo_mac_n_mos_editI’m currently working on creating a Morselicious green muffin with our mix and Energybits! Mmmm. Can’t wait to hear/taste your creations! Here’s a link to my fancy spa water recipe for a sweeter alternative to plain water or sugary soda pop. Kids and adults LOVE it!  Enjoy!

Mo's spa water primary

And don’t forget to take advantage of Mo’s coupon the entire month of March when shopping macnmos and have a MORSELICIOUS week!

Save with "TENMO" for the entire month of MORSELICIOUS March!

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