Virtual Self-Esteem Builders Program

Self-Esteem Builders Virtual Health Coaching Course.

Self-Esteem Builders is a fun, interactive program (individual sessions and/or small groups) where we'll explore your individual strengths through creative expression, exercises, and projects. You will learn tools to build more confidence and stretch your ability to use your voice as you celebrate your uniqueness, including ways to help others.

Based on Maura's unique teaching method and the nature of the program she will cater to each class accordingly. Many students of ALL ages continue to take this program indefinitely as part of their healthy lifestyle. Private Individual and/or small group sessions available.

Online courses:

  • One-week
  • Two-weeks
  • Three-weeks
  • One-month
  • One-on-One Lessons


"Phillip and I will always be grateful what you taught him about himself, faith in his abilities, that he could be whatever he wanted. Thank you for encouraging him, for supporting him, for caring about him. You made him feel like you cared about what he had to say, and you valued his strengths and abilities. Thank you for inspiring him to believe in himself. You were excited to hear what he had to say and he really liked it when you learned something new from him. You were always patient with him. Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there. You promote an environment where he feels like he is able to share his thoughts, but also knows it is actually considered and appreciated.

You are an Empower, an Engager, an Inspirer and for that lesson, we owe you so much.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time, your patience, your realness!"

Eva S., Phillip's mom, Westchester, PA

“For a second year now, Maura “The Morselist” Knowles has hosted and provided a Nutrition workshop to many youth and mentors in our BBBSLA program. Mentors sign up their“Littles,” specifically because their "Little" might be a picky-eater and can benefit from being exposed to nutritional information and tips and be hands-on and try a rainbow assortment of vegetables. Maura is amazing at providing this interactive, informative and beneficial workshop that helps any individual be self-aware about their health and learn to make mindful choices that one can easily make every day.”

Celina Madrigal Match Support Specialist Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, CA

“This past Fall we made the wonderful decision in hiring Maura Knowles to tutor our daughter, Harley, in creative writing and reading comprehension. Harley and Maura are a great match!

As important as it was to have someone credentialed, committed, and professional (all of which Maura is), what struck us most about Maura was her enthusiasm, creativity and out of box thinking. Being that our daughter is extremely active and learns through expression, art and performance, we felt confident after several conversations with Maura that she would have the right mindset, imagination, and tools to develop new opportunities for Harley to engage and master skillsets. She also is really good at keeping Harley entertained and interested.

Through Harley’s work with Maura this year, her vocabulary has exponentially expanded, she has fallen back in love with writing and her ability to create well-structured, in-depth writing assignments has improved dramatically, and she has even started to conquer classic novels.

Maura never ceases to amaze us with her devotion, energy and love for our child. She goes out of her way to make their time special, meeting in the library or our home, to change up the experience and keep their sessions dynamic. They create songs (raps even) to explore characters and storylines in classic novels, interweave vocabulary into graphic novels, and act out scenes to explain homework problems. They move, they laugh, and they get their work done.

Lauri L.   Beverly Hills, CA

“Maura, a.k.a, Mo, the Morselist,  is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist!  I find her to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health! I have learned so much from our walk through the grocery store as well as our cooking lesson in my kitchen.  I thought I knew what “healthy” meant but have learned to read food labels even more carefully and are that much more aware.  I also am more comfortable in the kitchen and find myself able and excited to cook more meals even my children love, since meeting with Maura!  She has definitely enhanced mine and my family's lives!”

Renee M.Studio City, CA

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