Virtual Veggies Are Fun Program (for Kids)

In this program a few things you will learn;
  • How and why we should Eat a Rainbow of Veggies every day (Skittles don’t count!)
  • Experiment with new tastes, foods and fun facts about Nature’s Pharmacy and the benefits of eating each color.
  • Fun trivia and activities.
  • Fun and Yum
  • Help your parents in the kitchen, garden, and with grocery shopping.
  • Surprise your parents with some fun simple recipes.

This course includes four (4) 45-minute virtual one-on-one sessions.

For ages 8-17*

*Mo works with all ages.

Contact for mo’ information.

Mo has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters where she's taught workshops on why it's important to eat a Morselicious rainbow at every meal.

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