Chewy, chocolaty, decadent tasting, yumminess… that’s the surprisingly healthy chocolate chip Magical Morsels! Who knew something so absolutely scrumptious could actually be good for you?! Mac-n-Mo’s are a must try for anyone who enjoys treats, but wants to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Sent some as a Christmas gift to my father who has been diagnosed with borderline diabetes. He really enjoyed the oatmeal ones! I can tell that these morsels were made with much TLC!!!

Mac – n – Mo’s Morsels have become one of my favorite treats!!! My favorite is the chocolate chip morsels because, well, chocolate is really my favorite food group and medicine!  The ingredients are superb and I know that when my body craves something sweet and treat, Mac -n- Mo’s Morsels satisfy what I need without feeding me what I don’t need.  I have 3 bags of mix in my freezer I admit I haven’t used yet.  Needless to say, now that the northeast is in full berry season, I’m excited to make my own straw/blue/rasberry treats with Mac – n – Mo’s Mix! Yay for Maura Knowles and Mac – n – Mo’s!  Thank you for your pioneering efforts in keeping us healthy while enjoying these fabulous treats! -Wendy, a very happy treat eater 🙂

Trying “Mo, The Morselists, 21 Day Morselicious Ultimate Detox” was the best decision I have ever made!  After deciding I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, I was a little frightened that healthier foods would taste, not so delicious!  I’m glad the Morselist alleviated my fears by presenting morselicious recipes that left me wanting more.  After completing the Morselists 21 day detox, I lost weight, felt healthier and had glowing skin.  Overall, I definitely love this new me!

Being a “fitness fanatic” and “health-aholic,” I am constantly on the hunt for snacks and treats that are super-healthy, amazing tasting, practically zero in calories, and great for my budget. I’ve searched far and wide. One day I met Maura and tasted her amazing morsels. Hands down the best. Maura is truly an amazing person inside and out and so are her products. Buyer for life.

Ok, so I’m a profuse sweetaholic so when I first tried the peanut butter Morsels I was disappointed that it was missing all of the gunk that would drive my sugar off the charts. I didn’t think I liked it. But the strangest thing happened. About an hour later I found myself wanting another! Then contemplating a third. Hmmm, could it actually be that I found a snack that is good and good for me?!?! I didn’t think the two could coexist! Thanks Mac-n-Mo’s!

This is definitely the first time I’ve ever written a review for a cookie, 
but this amazing little treat inspired me to head for the keyboard! I’m 
always on the lookout for a good healthy snack food that satisfies my 
considerable ‘sweet tooth’. So when I saw the Mac-n-Mo’s on the shelf at my 
Burbank natural food store, I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

These morsels are truly magical and delicious. Definitely a tasty treat for those of us with allergies! Everyone needs to know about Mac-n-Mo’s! – Dani California

Delicious and not too sweet! It’s nice to have a diabetic-friendly treat on the market that doesn’t taste like chalk or have nasty chemical sweeteners in it. Love the pumpkin ones!

Mac-n-Mo’s are GREAT!!!! I have a very dear friend who is going through chemo and can’t have most types of food and especially sweets. I gave him Mac-n-Mo’s and he loved them. It brightened his day that he could still have something sweet without feeling like he was feeding his cancer with evil sugar!! Thanks Mo!!!

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