Mac-n-Mo’s Magical Morsels was the food sponsor of one of my alternative health mixers. They were a big hit! As our mixers are all about healthy living it was awesome to have a food sponsor that was truly healthy and DELICIOUS! You gotta try these yummy little balls.

Mac-n-Mo’s Magical Morsels are delicious! My favorite are the oatmeal raisin ones — you really can’t believe they’re not bad for you when you’re tasting their scrumptiousness!

Yum!!! I am a Holistic Health Coach and I don’t eat sugar, so these are absolutely perfect for me! They satisfy my sweet tooth naturally without spiking my blood sugar. Can’t wait to have my clients try these!

We love the warm, spiced, winter flavor of these magical morsels. Chocolate chip rules at our house, but they are all divinely delicious.

Ok, so I was around at the beginning of this marvelishicious concoction know as the Mac-n-Mo morsel! An original guinea pig. On first taste….ummm, interesting there’s this flavor and this texture and….hmmm, I’ll try another…..oh a little burst of this flavor and that flavor…I’d better have another…this is so satisfying…like a little healthy mini-meal….ok, one more and then I’ll stop….NOT! 
Hey, Mo they’re all gone! More please! Once you start, you will not be able to stop and, hey, it’s so darn healthy for you there’s not an ounce of guilt to be found in. 
So eat up, everyone!!!

I LOVE these little yummies, and it’s ridiculous that something that feels this sinful is actually so wholesome and good for you…..Maura deserves kudos merely for making that true about SOMEthing….but moreso for inventing these delectables. I’m with Alison on the Pumpkin Cranberry but they’re ALL great. Go getcha some!

Since most of us tend to overindulge during the holidays, Mac-n-Mo’s Magical morsels are a “morcelicious” way to eat well! Leave it to Maura to come up with fantastic and delicious way to feel like you are still overindulging…you have to try the Oatmeal Raisin! Healthy has never tasted soooooooo good!!

FYI! I highly recommend to everyone to try Mac-n-Mo’s Magical Morsels. I’ve got 2 teenagers & at Christmas time I placed an order for 6 bags and I need to reorder again. These are so tasty with the right amount of sweetness that you don’t feel like you’ve over indulged as you do when eating sugary treats. It’s an added bonus knowing that these are healthy for you compared to the majority of other products out in the market. Give them a try, you won’t be sorry!

The unstoppable Mo has really created something here! So, move over Famous Amos, Mrs. Smith, Ben and Jerry; there’s a new tasty treat in town, Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats. And guess what, they’re good for you!

What I so love about the Morsels is that they completely satisfy my cravings for a dessert, yet they are low calorie (30 calories each) and NOT TOO SWEET! My husband doesn’t tolerate sugar well, and the morsels are his favorite dessert. That being said, we love the chocolate chip Morsels the best!

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