I made a batch of Morselicious Morsels yesterday and dropped off to a friend whom I’d been telling about these yummies. Ha! She ate them instead of dinner and more for breakfast   She said most yummy gift she’s received in years!

I first encountered Mac-n-Mo’s in Silver Lake, CA at Lassen’s Natural Foods Store. I’ve been working on improving my lifestyle – move more, eat better including less sugar, less stress, more fun, and lose weight. I was looking for a sweet alternative and viola’, I found Mac-n-Mo’s! 🙂 I ate all of them and wanted more! I looked you up online and placed an ordered.

Your product is so great, the perfect treat and healthy too. Thank you, Mo!

I am traveling later this month to visit my son and his girlfriend and will bring them one of my yummy packages.

I ordered your e-cookbook and excited to work with you as my Health Coach.

Your new fan,

Maura (Mo) has been my mentor-coach for many months. The changes I’ve seen and continue to see/feel within myself are unbelievable! She has guided me to reframe my thinking into a glass-half-full mindset while inspiring me to open my eyes and become more observant and curious about the world around me. Maura has enhanced my communication skills by encouraging me to use my voice, share my opinion and discover that I have an opinion which is worth expressing. She consistently creates a comfortable environment where I feel safe to be seen and heard while confronting the tough questions always leading to breakthroughs in my self-awareness journey. My self-esteem has grown leaps and bounds and continues to grow as I uncover, express, and accept my true self.

As a Health Coach, Mo has helped me find a better balance with my blood sugar levels.  As a type one diabetic, she encourages me to try new clean whole foods, less processed.  I’ve noticed a significant change in how I feel overall as I continue to make more mindful choices by incorporating Mo’s Morselicious tips.  Thanks to her low-sugar and low-carb Morselicious creations, I’ve learned how to treat myself without feeling deprived.  Her passion, energy, creativity, and care is inspiring, motivating, and infectious.  Thank you, Maura, for supporting and encouraging my lifelong BLOOMING process.

When I reached out to Maura (Mo) for help I was so hooked on sugar, I never felt energetic or good and I was 10 pounds heavier than I am now. I am now lighter in multiple ways and more mindful of my food. I eat more “REAL” food and though I haven’t cut sugar completely out of my diet, I’m eating way less of it and being realistic in my goals. I feel more energy and have more skills in the kitchen to feed myself and my family. She was never critical of me during my process, she was always my cheerleader. I highly recommend spending time with her to get back on track for better self-care. Thanks so much, Mo!! – Karen Parks, Studio City, CA

Karen Parks, Studio City, CA

Maura, a.k.a, Mo, the Morselist,  is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist!  I find her to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health! I have learned so much from our walk through the grocery store as well as our cooking lesson in my kitchen.  I thought I knew what “healthy” meant but have learned to read food labels even more carefully and are that much more aware.  I also am more comfortable in the kitchen and find myself able and excited to cook more meals since meeting with Maura!  She has definitely enhanced mine and my family lives!

Renee M.

 Recipes may be her specialty, but Maura – Mo “The Morselist” – Knowles offers talents beyond blending and baking as a longstanding The Upside blog contributor. Since 2013, Mo has developed nearly 300 dishes for Vitacost, combining her allergen-friendly cooking expertise with a passion for healthy living to create healthy snacks, meals and desserts that are safe, nutritious and utterly delicious!

Mo has her fingers on the pulse of the industry, using cutting-edge ingredients and techniques to spice things up for an audience who is hungry for the latest and greatest in good-for-you food. Her creative, innovative recipes are always a hit, regularly generating high numbers of comments, shares and “likes” on Vitacost social media channels. We can always count on Mo for unique ideas that get people excited about clean eating! 

A true joy to work with, Mo also is a dedicated professional who consistently delivers high-quality, outstanding work. She’s an asset to any team or organization, and her enthusiasm for what she does (and what she believes in!) is an inspiration to anyone lucky to know her.

Rebecca Chopin
Senior Marketing Editor

For a second year now, Maura “The Morselist” Knowles hashosted and provided a Nutrition workshop to many youth and mentors in our BBBSLA program. Mentors sign up their “Littles,” specifically because their Little might be a pickyeater and can benefit from being exposed to nutritional information and tips and be hands on and try a rainbow assortment of vegetables. Maura is amazing at providing this interactive, informative and beneficial workshop that helps any individual be self-aware about their health and learn to make mindful choices that one can easily make every day.

Celina Madrigal
Match Support Specialist
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles

Maura has taught two different Wellness Workshops at Marlborough and both were exceptionally well received by our employees! Maura’s unique ability to authentically connect with her audience in a meaningful way truly elevates her Health and Wellness workshops beyond just providing information to really helping employees achieve their wellness goals. Employees constantly remark that her workshops are highly effective and memorable.

Derek J. Poirier
Manager of Human Resources
Marlborough School

I was in serious need for a diet, life style, de-stress tune up.

Mo took the time to listen to my “Life”. She analyzed my poor choices or habits causing the extra stress and suggested how to handle it as well as made me figure out, on my own, to pin point my poor diet choices, by analyzing my food diary- eye opening! We shared our thoughts together weekly and discussed what goals to set for next week.

She assists you to make better choices…soon I found myself subtly changing those bad habits and improving my well being with out making vast changes that I may forget or choose to ignore down the road- changing your lifestyle is not a quick fix.

I’m happy to say, from our first 3 weekly session’s, I picked up some great tips and easily sticking with them. It’s incredibly helpful to have a sounding board and Mo engages you whole-heartledy, you at your pace, to meet your goals! I highly recommend time with the Morselist!

Kiira J. Los Angeles, CA

Mac N Mo’s Magical Morsel are wonderful! I’ve tried all the flavors and they are everything you say and more. A truly happy surprise to find a snack that tastes so good and is so healthy. And what’s more, they are Weight Watcher friendly !! (For those who follow the WW plan, they come in at 1 point per morsel!)

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