Health Coaching Testimonials

Health Coaching Testimonials:

“Our cooking and nutrition program is successful because of dedicated guest chefs like Maura who continually work to promote healthier food alternatives. She makes cooking and baking with no added sugars and salt look easy and delicious! Adult and teens from our program loved the gluten-free, salt and sugar free recipes she instructed them through; they couldn’t believe they actually liked it! Her creative approach to weaving, sometimes dry, nutrition information throughout the class made their experience all that more enjoyable. Due to the success of her classes and high participant demand, we plan ask her back to grace us with her energetic instruction and flavorful recipes.” – Marlene Aguilar, Los Angeles, Real Food for Life Program Manager
Equitable Roots: A Social Enterprise of Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services (WORKS)

“The best part of working with Mo is her non-stop belief in you and your potential. She has and continues to believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself which is more important than any of the other tips, tricks, recipes or recommendations that she has given me. I was quite skeptical about working with a Health coach as someone who has struggled with weight my entire life and tried every diet under the sun. Mo has helped me retrain my focus. It’s about health—weight loss is just a by-product. She is helping me become a better version of myself, and that is the ultimate gift.”  – Emily H., Michigan

“Mo has changed my entire eating habits and improved my health tremendously. I’ve lost 19 pounds since listening to her suggestions as well as lowered my cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. My doctor asked at my last check up, “whatever you’re doing, keep it up!”
I told him I’m on THE MORSELIST DIET! I read labels, order NO added salt at restaurants, cut out gluten and eat brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal and loads more veggies. I’ve also cut way back on sugar. In fact, I never considered myself a “sugar” person, but was eating a blueberry bran muffin or whole wheat bagel every morning, not realizing how much sugar I was consuming. I look and feel better than when I was in my 30’s. Thanks, Mo!”  – Doug J., Beverly Hills, CA “Mo came into my high school classroom last year to speak about “Eating the Rainbow” to a group of teens who had just finished eating lunches of flaming hot cheetohs and soda. I watched the class as Mo engaged them, and did not scold, but asked them to reflect on their eating habits. She provided real world examples asking them to look at the cost of fruits and vegetables, how much they could eat of these foods as opposed to their junk food counterparts, and finally if they thought they could incorporate more vegetables and fruits into their diets. The students were enthusiastic and ended up trying many unfamiliar fresh veggies that Mo brought to the presentation. I encourage all teachers to make “Eating the Rainbow” a part of their curriculum. Thanks Mo!”  – L. Young, Los Angeles Unified School District
“Not only is Maura a fantastic resource when it comes to food and cooking, she is also a phenomenal speaker who will get you thinking about food and its health qualities in a whole new way. As a speaker for thePlate Virtual Conference, Maura did an exceptional job of sharing her expertise with our attendees. She has proven that she capable of delivering an outstanding message no matter the media in which she presents.”
– Kati Mora, R.D. Around the Plate

“Mo is very skilled as a Health Coach. I have been working with her for about 8 months. I am a fulltime caregiver to my husband, and Mo’s insight into my psyche has been most instrumental in keeping me sane while helping me be aware of my own needs, so that I will be able to continue caring for my husband. Mo is very good at this and is a vital part of my survival.”  – Kathy Torchia, Harrisburg, PA

“Maura is deeply motivated by her passion for health. She started her own business out of the love she has for her father’s health and works tirelessly to share this love with the rest of the public. She truly understands how to drive success – as her baked goods line the shelves of more and more stores! Maura is a pleasure to be around and her nutritional knowledge has been an invaluable resource to all of the IIN students.” – Nicole Risdall, Health Coach, Sports Health & Wellness, Los Angeles, CA

“Growing up in a household where nutrition was never a priority, it became difficult to think of new, healthy meals for my daughter and I, but ever since Maura (Mo) came into our lives, she has been such an inspiration. We now make better choices everyday with our snacks and meals, along with a good amount of exercise each day. Mac-n-Mo’s opened my eyes and helped me realize that there’s more to eating healthy than just fruits and vegetables. There’s yummy morsels you can enjoy too!!”  – Pam Masangkay, Encino, CA

“If you are a busy mom like I am, you struggle with wanting to feed your kids healthy meals and snacks on a daily basis. Maura has helped me to “train” my daughter to want to make those healthy choices. Some of those tips were discovering what my child’s idol enjoyed eating, creating a challenge game of trying new recipes with non-food rewards, and creating colorful snacks and meals together. We started with reading labels, discovering and discussing what is really in the food she craved. We then came up with interesting and exciting alternatives: kale chips, sweet potato “fries” (she won’t eat the fried ones now!), Greek yogurt, whole wheat pasta, mango iced tea, Feta cheese, dark chocolate as a treat. I am helping her to understand that the closer you eat to the Earth the healthier you become, and that “treat” does not have to mean twinkies and m & m’s!! Thanks, Maura, for helping to change the way we eat and live!!”  – Sara Bingaman, Houston, TX

“I have known Mo for several years and always admired her awesome positive outlook on EVERYTHING – not to mention her tremendous physical energy and the fact that she just looks radiant ALL THE TIME. She’s someone you look at and say to yourself, “That girl really knows how to take care of herself.” When her morsels hit the market, I couldn’t wait to try them. I knew anything that Mo did would be top-notch. OMG. They were so flavorful and moist – absolutely friggin’ delicious. I bought 3 bags, took them to work to share with my co-workers and they were gone in 15 minutes! (One girl got in the car and headed over to FULL OF LIFE in Burbank where Mo was doing a demo so she could get some herself!) Then recently, my boyfriend and I wanted to head toward a more vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and I e-mailed Mo asking her if she might be able to point me in the direction where I could find some great recipes. Mo sent me a recipe idea – and then another, and then another – and then pointed me toward resources where I could all kinds of great ideas for meals. She went above and beyond in a big way and offered more than I ever expected. That’s Mo – always helpful – and always wanting to help people discover optimum health so they can lead fabulous lives. She really cares. I can’t say enough great things about her. Mo knows her stuff – and the nutritional support she provides is incredible.”  – Cindy Warden, Burbank, CA

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