Virtual Health and Beauty Program


Woman washing face in sink as part of her health and beauty skin care routine. Text around teal colored border reads "Health and Beauty Virtual Program. Find your healthy glow with Mo."

Find your healthy glow with Mo.
You are what you eat.

My dad, Mac, was in the Beauty/Skin Care Industry, thus I grew up learning the importance of taking care of my skin paying special attention to ingredients due to my extremely sensitive skin. My parents didn’t allow me to wear make-up until late high school. Instead, on my 12th birthday they took me to the Clinique counter to learn my new skin care routine; wash, tone and moisturize. “When you take good care of your skin, you’ll never NEED to wear make-up. When you’re older, you can decide if you want to.” Of course, at the time, I just wanted to wear mascara, blush, the works. Now, I am forever grateful for their words of wisdom and I continue to search for clean, pure, beauty and skin care products

One of my first jobs/side-careers was as a Make-up Artist/Skin Care Rep giving in-store facials, educating clients how to best take care of their skin focusing on each individual’s skin condition, type and lifestyle.

People constantly ask me what I do to keep my skin radiant. “How do you get that glow? I want to know.”

I share my routine, including skincare regimen, hydration, staying out of the sun, wearing sunscreen, eating a daily Morselicious rainbow… And soon discovered there were two camps of people; those who were interested in the whole “pie” and those who just wanted a quick fix they could buy.

I am inspired and honored to work with clients interested in the whole “pie.” The Morselicious pie. 

In this program, you will learn to;

1. Reduce sugar and processed foods.⁣

2. Discover and eliminate food sensitivities. ⁣

3. Repair gut imbalances. ⁣

4. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet, omega 3-rich.⁣

5. Optimal nutrition.

6. Move and sweat regularly.⁣

7. Achieve better sleep.⁣

This program includes three (3) 50-minute virtual one-on-one sessions.

For mo’ info, please schedule a free consultation.


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