Nutso-Sweet Friday

Nutso-Sweet AVOCADOlicious

It’s Nutso-Sweet Morselicious Monday!  A few exciting announcements:  Per your request, The MORSeLICOUS Recipe Club is coming November 4th!  Every month, club members will receive: 3 MORSELICIOUS recipes, gluten-free, vegan, low sodium, low sugar colorful photos of each recipe in a PDF “recipe card” plus a surprise bonus-different each month including an interactive recipe challenge, …

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Nutso-sweet Friday: Chocolate cravings

Happy Nutso-Sweet Friday! Merry Morseliciousness! If you are interested in scheduling a complimentary health history consultation with me, I am taking new clients in 2013.  Click here to read about the Health Coach Revolution.  Please contact me at if you or someone you know is interested in a Morselicious reboot! 🙂 Who’s ready for a …

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Monk Fruit: What is it? Nutso-Sweet Friday

Happy NUTSO-SWEET FRIDAY! Thank you all for your MORSELICIOUS questions for our NUTSO-SWEET posts. Please keep them coming.  Your questions are our NSF (Nutso-Sweet Friday) posts! We’d also love to know, “what is your favorite Fall activity?”  Please share! Q.  What is MONK FRUIT? What are the benefits/implications for consuming monk fruit as an alternative sweetener? …

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Nutso-Sweet Friday: Mac’n cheese remix

Happy NUTSO-SWEET Friday! You asked, we played! Mac ‘n Cheese remix: Thank you for your submission, Amy. You are gluten free – luckily there are a variety of gluten-free pastas now available in brown rice and quinoa/corn. Choose your favorite shell or look for the traditional short tubed noodle.When it comes to your cheese you can opt …

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