Morselicious Pie Workshop Series

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Delve deeper into the vital ingredients that make up your most optimal, fulfilling, healthy life, aka, your Morselicious pie, with Certified Integrative Health Coach, Maura Knowles, a.k.a, Mo, the Morselist. This is a four-part, interactive workshop series in partnership with Canterbury Business Center.

☘️ What is essential to one person may not sustain someone else.

☘️ One person’s food can be another’s poison.

☘️ One person’s passion can be someone else’s kryptonite.

☘️ One diet, one lifestyle, doesn’t work for everyBODY.



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A replay will be available if you cannot attend the live event.

Session One – What is a Health Coach and What Can They Do for Me?

Who is Mo? What is a Morselicious Pie? How to create a healthy, fulfilling life, to incorporate the many slices of YOU into the Morselicious Pie concept.

Session Two – Exploring the Other Essentials of Your Pie

Self-Esteem Boosters, gratitude, relationships, passions/hobbies, creativity.

Session Three – Eating a Rainbow

Eating a rainbow not only nourishes our bodies by providing a variety of essential minerals, it supports more radiant, healthier skin, “getting on your glow” which boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Session Four – Grocery Shopping with Mo

Mo will address your questions to Morselfy (modify) healthier, sustainable options for your grocery shopping list with a focus on a variety of REAL, whole food choices to satisfy your palette. She will guide and teach you what to look for as well as what to look out for in food labels. You’ll create a perpetual shopping list organized by sections of the store with her simple tips.

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