Morselicious Keto & Paleo-friendly Baking & Cooking Mix



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Mac-n-Mo’s New Morselicious Keto & Paleo-friendly Baking & Cooking Mix

In stock for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

Gluten-free, grain-free, Keto and Paleo-friendly, no-sugar, low-sodium, plant-rich, no GMOs BAKING & COOKING Mix.

Check out my new MORSELICIOUS recipes in my e-cookbooks and blog using my mix!

Simply add liquid ingredients, sweetener of choice, if desired, and bake your own Morselicious Treats, muffins, pancakes, pie crusts, meatballs, veggie balls, fritters, latkes, meatloaf, nut loaf, pot pies, crumbles, cupcakes, casseroles, breading for anything… at home!

Ingredients:  coconut flour*,  unsweetened coconut*, almond meal, chia seeds*, spices*


For extra freshness, please store in the fridge for up to 12 months.



“Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious baking mix is superb. I’ve tried other Gluten Free baking mixes only to be disappointed in the final product. With the Morselicious baking mix I’ve been able to make yummy morsels (simple recipe right on the package) and wholesome muffins that were absolutely delicious. It delivered both texture and flavor appeal – for a satisfying treat. I look forward to the many different recipes to try from Mo the Morselist in her latest cookbook. I highly recommend this wonderful product. – Registered dietitian, founder of Nutri-Savvy and mother of 4 year old twins.” 

-Lauren O’Connor, RD 

“I AM SO ADDICTED TO THE MIX! I wanted to cut to the chase and say it, but honestly, I use Mac N’ Mo’s Morselicious Mix for everything- pancakes, muffins, morsels, and sometimes I even mix it with a little bit of peanut butter and just eat it. I don’t always get a chance to buy the morsels, but I am NEVER without the mix!” 

-Lindsay Young 

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