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Mo, the Morselist – Recipe Developer

Do you have a favorite “guilty-pleasure-comfort food” you want to make healthier?

Mo will work with you virtually to design and create your Custom-Curated Morselfied Recipes to cater to your dietary preferences and needs.

Companies, organizations and private clients have hired Mo to create recipes for their cookbooks, websites, employees and families.

Her recipes have been published in a number of international healthy cookbooks, magazines, websites and blogs. The recipes in her 2 cookbooks emphasize real food, low-sugar, low-sodium, gluten-free, plant-rich, non-GMO and Morselicious!

Contact Mo to discuss your needs, dietary preferences, and restrictions to create your very own Morselicious Recipes.

Fees are charged per recipe.*

*Contact for mo’ information.


 Recipes may be her specialty, but Maura – Mo “The Morselist” – Knowles offers talents beyond blending and baking as a longstanding The Upside blog contributor. Since 2013, Mo has developed nearly 300 dishes for Vitacost, combining her allergen-friendly cooking expertise with a passion for healthy living to create healthy snacks, meals and desserts that are safe, nutritious and utterly delicious!

Mo has her fingers on the pulse of the industry, using cutting-edge ingredients and techniques to spice things up for an audience who is hungry for the latest and greatest in good-for-you food. Her creative, innovative recipes are always a hit, regularly generating high numbers of comments, shares and “likes” on Vitacost social media channels. We can always count on Mo for unique ideas that get people excited about clean eating!

A true joy to work with, Mo also is a dedicated professional who consistently delivers high-quality, outstanding work. She’s an asset to any team or organization, and her enthusiasm for what she does (and what she believes in!) is an inspiration to anyone lucky to know her.

-Rebecca Chopin, Senior Marketing Editor, Vitacost
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