A Morselicious Pie Webinar

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Product Description

Think of your life as a Morselicious Pie. In addition to diet, other vital, integral pieces of the Morselicious Pie include lifestyle, relationships, levels of physical activity, profession, passions, hobbies, creative expression and the stories we tell ourselves and others.

From childhood mud pies to pumpkin pies to Morselicious pies, as a chef prepares a meal, I understand the value of integrating my (unique) creative passions, skills/talents to educate, inspire, and entertain/enlighten/share by optimizing and managing each burner on my stove and oven. Sometimes the health coaching course is simmering on the front burner while the performer project is incubating in the oven and vice versa. Not one to waste or ignore my unique talents-skills, maintaining creative flexibility has proven to be a golden asset.

What ingredients are in YOUR pie?

How do you slice your pie?

Host a webinar for a group or schedule as a one-on-one session.

For mo’ information, contact me at mo@macnmos.com.

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