6-week Intensive Custom Health Coaching Program



Product Description

6-week intensive custom health coaching program

One-on-One counseling: 
  • Three 40-minute phone sessions scheduled every other week for a total of 6-weeks
  • Daily email support
  • We will work together to create a plan to achieve your goals during your INTENSIVE custom tailored 6-week program


  • Healthy Cooking/Baking tips
  • Custom tailored recipes just for you
  • Custom tailored grocery store lists 
  • Custom tailored healthy tips, ideas, inspirational activities and reference guides/handouts
  • Work on primary foods, all the other areas of your life affecting your health that are NOT edible foods;  
  • relationships, physical, emotional, spiritual, career, etc.
  • You will be given homework assingments, mostly related to FUN & HEALTH, which will be created together 
  • Special offers on Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Mixes

Results to expect:

  • a cleaner, healthier, more vibrant lifestyle
  • more energy
  • clearer skin
  • creative ways to enjoy the free things in life
  • more confidence in the kitchen 
  • tips for making better choices that support your goals and new lifestyle when traveling, eating on-the-go, packing food for work
  • easy tools to cook and prepare healthy meals at home for yourself and your family
  • kid friendly meals and snacks
  • weight loss tips, if that is your goal
  • less bloat

“My first instruction to Maura (Mo) in our coaching was NOT to be turned into a vegetarian.  I am a meat-a-saurus through and through.  She was so accommodating and encouraging.  I went from using artificial sweeteners and cream in my coffee every morning to using natural alternative sweeteners and no dairy!  I was so amazed at myself that I could do it.  Mo is so encouraging and nurturing.  

She doesn’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do.  You just have to be clear with yourself on your goals.  Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy, believe me, I know.  As previously stated, I am a meat and cheese guy through and through.  Mo found alternatives that are amazing!  Nothing worthwhile in this life is easy, but in the long term, you will appreciate what Mo does for you.  Stick to it, and don’t give up!” –Joe Scalzo, NY



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