Nutso-Sweet Friday: What to eat pre & post work-out

Happy Nutso-Sweet Friday!
Q: What should I eat before and after exercise?
A:  Before Exercise: It is always good to start with a simple, light snack such as a piece of fruit. Simple carbs are the way to go because they provide quick energy. While you may feel you need a little food energy to exercise, you don’t want to be weighed down. Besides, you don’t want your body to be working so hard on digesting when you’d like the body to focus on your intent: working out! Too much food just before exercise may cause you to have a stomach ache.
After Exercise: After your workout, it is a good idea to replenish with some healthy carbs (fruit, some veggies, whole grains) AND protein. Protein is necessary because it helps to build and repair the bodies cells and your muscles, which hopefully have been working hard, will certainly need a boost. After you work out, you can afford a little more because your metabolism is in full-gear and you can take the time to sit, eat and digest your snack or meal without interruption.
For more in depth explanation, please check out this article which I had the pleasure of working with some great fitness experts and dietitians: Sweat it out, and Power it Up!
And what a coincidence, this recent LIVESTRONG article which I had the pleasure to contribute discusses just what to eat and when. Scroll to: What to eat.., After a Tough Training Workout.
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10 thoughts on “Nutso-Sweet Friday: What to eat pre & post work-out”

  1. Thank you so much for your ideas, I have diabetic parents. I watch my diet carefully. I like hearing your ideas. I have a health issue I get asthma from eating milk products and wheat. That is why I tried your
    treats in a bag that I prepared. So I like what you are doing but I can’t eat everything.

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