What’s so special about Mac-n-Mo’s MORSELICIOUS Mix?

Instead of replacing gluten with fake filler starches, we use almonds, coconut flour, coconut and chia. These foods offer blood sugar stabilization and anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn benefits metabolism and digestive healing.

Are Mac-n-Mo’s OK for diabetics or people with blood sugar issues?

Mac-n-Mo’s offers low glycemic baked treats that may fit into the lifestyle of those with blood sugar concerns and are only 3.5 carbs per morsel. Please check the nutritional information and decide for yourself in our morsels fit your healthy life-style choices, or as we like to say your MORSELICIOUS lifestyle. To be safe, please consult your doctor or health care professional.

Do you add sweeteners to your products?

Our MORSELICIOUS Treats contain 1.5 gram of sugar, which comes from the vegan chocolate or the dried cranberry. We do NOT add any sweeteners. Our MORSELICIOUS Mix contains NO sugar or sweeteners.

Do you use fillers or binders in your products?

We do NOT use any fillers or binders. We pride ourselves on the purity of our products and strive to deliver the greatest and purest products possible, just as nature intended.

How do I store my Morselicious Mix?

Because there are NO preservatives in Mac-n-Mo’s products, for extra freshness, please refrigerate or freeze. The Morselicious Mix is shelf-stable for 8 months and will keep up to 1 year in the fridge or freezer. 

What can I make with the Morselicious Mix?

Morsels, muffins, scones, pancakes, casseroles, veggie patties, sausage, crab cakes, pot pies, encrusted chicken or fish and lots mo'. Check out Mo’s 12 days of MORSELICIOUSNESS e-cookbook. Click here for a “TASTE”

What do you use as a sweetener?

We do NOT use any sweeteners, but feel free to add your favorite sprinkle.

Are your products gluten-free AND grain-free?


Are your products Vegan?


Where can I buy Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious products?

To shop online, visit

Is your Morselicious Mix Paleo AND Keto friendly? YES.

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